Industry Videos

The following videos have been drawn from across the web. We have curated this list of videos to provide a succinct summary of those video clips which provide genuine content and insight for both payments professionals and novices. The videos range from those covering areas of recent innovation to those that communicate core concepts within payments.

Please note that these videos have not been produced by PSE. We cannot be held responsible for, or nor do we endorse, their content.

What is PayPal Here?

Everything you need to know about PayPal Here; from how to create an account to how much it costs to use.

MasterCard – “Selfie Pay”

A MasterCard Identity Check consumer trial in Holland involving a biometric app proved positively that  there is an appetite for change and the removal of passwords with 9 out of 10 participants indicating that they would like to replace their password with biometric identification.

Barclaycard launch of PDQ

A recent re-release from Barclaycard: The 1980s launch film of Barclaycard PDQ which illustrates the improvements over zip-zap machines

2015 A year in consumer spending

The view from Barclaycard for 2015.

Wearables design concept – Small Change

Central Saint Martins design students explore the future of wearable payments. The Small Change concept is set in the moment of transition between cash and digital money, and helps people manage transactions of smaller denominations digitally.

Using Apple Pay On the Underground

Article looking at Apple Pay just after its arrived in London in May 2015 and indicating both pluses and minuses.