PSE Innovation Videos

PSE’s Payment Innovation Series is designed to showcase industry innovation through 10 minute bite-sized interviews with key executives. They are a great way to hear about how new trends and service offers are impacting the payments landscape. We will be posting new videos here as they are recorded.

Computop – Biometric Authentication

In this full length video, Ralf Gladis from Computop  discusses the challenges faced by merchants when looking at authentication, and the advantages of good authentication procedures far beyond payments.

Phos – The International Expansion of SoftPOS

In this great conversation, Mike Barnes from Phos talks us through where merchants and acquirers are currently spending their money and the rise in interest in softPOS in the emerging markets.

Worldline – Where next for EU Payments Regulation PSD3 or GDPR2?

This is the full length conversation with Michael Salmony from Worldline about the evolution of EU payments regulation. What will come next, will it be PSD3, or perhaps GDPR2?

Abrantix – The Difficult Emergence of SoftPOS

In this full length interview our MD, Chris Jones, talks to Paul Butterworth from Abrantix about why its taken so long to get SoftPOS up and running and why its still not a mass market product. – Approval Optimisation

In this great conversation, Antoine Nougue from talks through his views on approval optimisation and why its so important for merchants

Payoneer – Marketplace & Orchestration Convergence

In this great conversation, Lochan Sim from Payoneer provides his perspectives on the convergence between marketplace and orchestration. We discuss the benefits of build versus buy for merchants and the opportunities for merchant to source best of breed acceptance from multiple suppliers.