Merchant Acquiring Conference 2022

6th December 2022, Glazier's Hall, central London


After three years away, our Merchant Acquiring Conference was held on 6th December 2022 at Glazier’s Hall in central London.


We covered two major topics at the event:

  1. Marketplaces: We are going to explore how to take, hold and disburse funds. How to manage the European compliance landscape, and some of the complexities which come along with merchants’ building their own marketplace solutions
  2. BNPL: While the shine may have come off BNPL from an investor perspective, we still regard BNPL as one of the most significant shifts in the payments market in recent years. We’ll explore how BNPL platform providers are emerging, and how traditional pay later services are responding to the arrival of instant onboarding offers.


The conference was, as ever, content rich, rather than focussing on lights and smoke machines. It was designed to provide new insights for seasoned payments professionals. The speakers do not pay for their slots, and PSE remains strictly independent.


Please find below materials presented by our speakers with some amendments to allow for wider distribution.



Truly content-enriched conference, with the most timely, relevant, and meaningful insights from a wide range of speakers from the Acquiring industry. Very useful – will definitely be returning, and recommend highly Ajit Ramachandran, Head of International Business Development, Barclaycard Payment Solutions

I always go home from PSE conferences with a bundle of new insights and fresh ideas that enable me to do my day job better and more creatively Oliver Gienow, Head of Card Acquiring, Unicredit CEE

As ever, an excellent event with insightful and thought provoking speakers as well as a great opportunity to network Director, European Private Equity Firm

I would recommend PSE’s conferences to any merchant who wants to keep on top of payment acceptance innovation David Brunsdon, Head of Fraud Prevention & Payments, First Rate Exchange Services

PSE’s conferences have consistently delivered insightful perspectives on European acceptance issues through a carefully curated set of expert speakers Jim Deignan, CEO, Payzone Ireland