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Waving, Not Drowning! TRA & issuer risk signalling in a post-SCA world

27th February 2019

There is growing interest in the acquirer and merchant community in the Transaction Risk Analysis (TRA) exemption for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). The opportunity to exclude transactions up to €500 […]

Future of Acquiring Survey 2018

12th December 2018

PSE asked 125 experts attending its 2018 Merchant Acquiring Conference their views on key topics affecting the evolution of the European acquiring market.   The answers provide a useful insight […]

Will Regulatory Innovation Destroy the EU’s Cards Business?

15th November 2018

The following blog summarises Peter Jones’s presentation at PSE’s Merchant Acquiring Conference 2018    Over the past 10 years, Europe’s cards business has suffered a tidal wave of regulation.  Not […]

The End of the European Cards Business?

9th October 2018

Peter Jones presented in Frankfurt last week to an august audience of senior German payments experts, at the PaySys breakfast event, on his perspectives on the future for cards. Is […]

Making Cards an “Instant” Winner

10th May 2018

This topic, and many others, are going to be discussed at our Payment Gateway Conference on 16th May 2018   Proposition Instant Credit Transfer (ICT) real time payments are becoming […]

Getting Real(Time) – How Acquirers Can Save the EU Cards Model

1st May 2018

With the coming of Instant Payments, many are questioning the capability of the EU cards rails to offer a competing real time service.  Current EU acquiring platforms are predominantly dual […]

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