Weekly Headlines 8 January 2021

8th January 2021

ECB on the digital economy

HMT consults on crypto

FCA publishes Covid impact survey

DCMS flags Brexit eCommerce changes


ECBThe digital economy and the euro area.

The article mainly summarises and updates the evidence on the euro area and the EU digital economy, including international comparisons. also takes a closer look at the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the digital economy. The UK and Ireland are ahead of all the big EU names in terms of digital adoption with the Nordics leading the field.


HM Treasury has issued a Consultation and call for evidence on its regulatory approach to cryptoassets and stablecoinsDocument

The document represents the first stage in the government’s consultative process with industry and stakeholders on the broader regulatory approach to cryptoassets and stablecoins. It seeks views on how the UK can ensure its regulatory framework is equipped to harness the benefits of new technologies, supporting innovation and competition, while mitigating risks to consumers and stability.


The FCA has published coronavirus financial resilience survey dataData page

The surveys were sent to solo-regulated firms to inform the FCA of the impact of coronavirus on firms’ financial resilience and identified 4,000 financial services firms with low financial resilience and at heightened risk of failure, though many will be able to bolster their resilience as and when economic conditions improve. These are predominantly SMEs and approximately 30% have the potential to cause harm in failure.


Department for Digital, Culture, Media & SportThe eCommerce Directive after Brexit

What you need to do now that the eCommerce Directive no longer applies to the UK. The government intends to fully remove the eCommerce Directive’s Country of Origin principle from UK legislation, to bring EEA online service providers in scope of UK laws, from which they were previously exempt.

PSE Innovation Videos

Computop – Biometric Authentication

In this full length video, Ralf Gladis from Computop  discusses the challenges faced by merchants when looking at authentication, and the advantages of good authentication procedures far beyond payments.

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