Outsourced processing continues to be a vital part of the infrastructure landscape in payments. Major players have continued to evolve their offerings in response to consumer and regulatory change.


Increasingly, major merchants, corporates and banks are using the payment services of processors, gateways and partnering with Fintech providers. Outsourcing is accelerating as processors become cloud-enabled, able to offer services across regions and worldwide. PSE has conducted many assignments for the major EU commercial processors and medium-sized players, as well as many of the interbank owned providers. Assignments have included identifying new market growth opportunities, market entry planning, M&A searches, new operating models, new product development, financial modelling, and business case construction.

Case study

Expansion strategy 


An established Middle Eastern payments processing company sought our services to support the board and management team in developing a three-year Business strategy to enable significant expansion and revenue growth within and outside the current geographies, the development of new propositions and products and the identification of new partnerships and alliances. 


Starting by benchmarking the processor’s offers and service with similar players, by understanding any issues that could limit the expansion and identifying any gaps in the commercial operation and technical models, PSE developed strategy options for market positioning, suggested new propositions and products, identified opportunities for expansion, recommended Tier 1 country targets and reviewed barriers to entry, options for routes to markets/alliances and partnerships. 


Supported by a business case and model showing potential revenues, Capex, Opex and profits and resources needed to develop, sell and deliver the strategy, a final report was produced and submitted to the investors, board and management to put into place the new business strategy. 

What our clients say

SME in all payment related space with in depth knowledge
PSE Consulting are experts who really understand payments. They get under the skin of issues and provide consultancy that is more relevant and specific to the brief that many other consultants
Global Acquirer
PSE have strong payments experience both regarding product and the market, that is practical as well as good client mgmt skills. It's not a common combination.
Professionalism during the project delivery and in-depth understanding of the selected topics, alongside with a flexible approach on topics e.g. change of language, timeline or scope of the project
Really took time to listen and understand our business to provide tailored and relevant consulting, it felt very bespoke not reliant on generic approach
Global Acquirer

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