Payment Surgery

Offering one-to-one access to payment experts at no cost and industry insights to early stage payments focussed Fintech firms


What’s different about the Payment Surgery?


The Payments Surgery offers three things:


1. EXPERT ONE TO ONE ADVICE: Uniquely we are running eight 30-minute one-to-one sessions with PSE experts and panel members. These provide you the opportunity to access expertise that would otherwise be unavailable, at no cost. The sessions are designed to allow you to share your ideas and questions in a private environment. We are happy to sign NDAs in advance to allow you to share appropriate information.


2. INSIGHTFUL PANEL: A panel session on topics of interest to the payments start-up community in the UK. These will be particularly focussed towards the acceptance side of the payments and B2B topics which are the focus of our day to day business


3. NETWORKING: An opportunity to discuss topics of mutual interest with other payments start-up firms in the UK


Why are we offering our time?


We just love talking about payments! Together, the senior management team in PSE possesses a wealth of 300 years of expertise in payments. We feel that offering support to this part of the payments community will provide mutual benefit – a win win both for Fintechs and PSE.

PSE has operated in the European payments market for the past 30+ years. We work extensively with large clients from across the payments landscape. We know that strong connections with the Fintech community complement our work with larger players.

At PSE we have seen all manner of great ideas work and fail over the last 30 years, and we are happy to share the benefits of this experience. We also have an in-depth knowledge of the Commercial Due Diligence process so we understand what investors are looking for in payments players.


How can you get involved

Register below for the event. If you are interested in a one-to-one, let us know and we’ll respond to understand what you are looking to discuss. We have limited space for the event, and only eight slots for the one-to-ones, so please don’t leave it too long!

Event and one-to-one registration