PSE Consulting has delivered insight-led assignments across the payments value chain for over 25 years. During this time we have worked for leading organisations ranging from cards schemes to merchants, processors and banks. We have been at the heart of European payments innovation since the early 1990’s, identifying opportunities for our clients in areas such as: interchange optimisation, in-store mobile experience and regulatory impacts.


PSE has been working on mobile payments and banking since early 2000. We have worked for many of the major European MNOs and card schemes as they have developed their mobile payments strategies, and have helped look at issues ranging from tokenisation, HCE, prepaid travel products, and the in-store mobile experience.


The European payments gateway market is highly dynamic, with new players rapidly emerging and being merged/acquired by larger entities. PSE has worked for almost all Europe’s major gateway providers looking at many areas including: their international expansion strategies, supporting their move into acquiring, and the migration towards an omni-channel customer experience.


eCommerce is one of the mainstays of PSE’s business whether this is working for merchants, acquirers, card schemes, or issuers. PSE maintains a detailed analysis of Europe’s online payments market which we regularly use to provide support to clients as they assess areas such as customer journey management, payment types acceptance or declines management.


PSE has delivered assignments to a wide range of card issuers including credit, debit and prepaid. PSE has provided insight led reviews of topics such as: loyalty, mobile, installment credit, and offers. We have published a series of prepaid reports which are considered to be some of the leading analyses of the European market.


PSE has an extensive understanding of the European acquiring market and has worked for all the largest European acquirers, PSE is widely regarded as one of Europe’s foremost experts in the area. We have delivered assignments which range from operational effectiveness and costs efficiency programmes through to point of sale innovation and omnichannel customer journey management.


PSE has worked for all the major European card and payment schemes as they have sought to evolve their payments infrastructures and customer offerings. PSE continues to help POS, ATM and ACH schemes develop their propositions in the light of Interchange and Payment Services Directive regulations.

Alternative Payments

PSE has substantial experience of the costs and operational characteristics of alternative payment schemes having run a wide variety of merchant RFPs. PSE has also been engaged by a number of the providers of these new payment products in areas such as strategy development and M&A due diligence.

Real Time ACH

PSE has worked on the development of real time bank transfers, and the UK Faster Payments Scheme since their inception. PSE has carried out assignments for clients as they have looked at their infrastructure and assessed their responses to the emergence of payment intermediaries. We continue to be involved in the forefront of innovation in this area.


PSE maintains a very close watching brief on the development of European regulation and provides a range of insight-led update services for our clients. We regularly deliver assignments which look at the opportunities and cost impacts of regulation on the European payments market.


PSE has a detailed understanding of the operational delivery of payment services to both consumers and merchants. PSE has worked in areas that range from the details of chargeback management through to customer support processes and on-boarding, and has supported a range of clients in development of their target operating models.


PSE has developed a detailed understanding of the European card and ACH processing market, and worked for most of the large processing providers. We have also supported a broad spectrum of players who are looking to select processors as suppliers – ranging from issuers to acquirers and merchants.


PSE can offer highly detailed knowledge of the structure of interchange in Europe. We have worked with players across the value chain on analysis in this area. This includes card schemes looking at how to structure interchange, issuers selecting payment products which generate interchange, and acquirers/merchants assessing how to minimise their interchange costs.

Current Accounts

PSE has worked with a variety of smaller challenger and digital banks as they have developed their transaction banking offer. We have helped in proposition creation, business case development, scheme engagement, supplier selection, and project managing the delivery of the current account service.

Embedded Finance

PSE has worked with non-financial companies to embed financial and banking services into their offering to enhance their product offering. We have helped them across procurement, supplier selection, analysis of operations, management and regulation.


PSE support payments organisations with our expertise of the crypto segment, including market sizing for European and US markets, analysis of key players and their commercials, payment methods, regulation, plus risks and mitigation approaches within the segment.

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