Issuers are rapidly adjusting to strong consumer demand for digitally enabled cards and wallets and to match neobank propositions.

Card Issuing

Credit card issuers are increasingly competing with BNPL offers and want new lending and instalment products and services developed. PSE has conducted many assignments for major European card issuers, researched customer requirements and personas, designed new propositions, targeted new sectors, and built plans and business cases for revenue growth. We have also helped issuers develop risk and portfolio management strategies, improved authorisation processes and automated disputes, and reconciliation processes. Also, as processing platforms reach legacy, we increasingly help card issuers identify new processing solutions, and conduct RFPs to select new outsourced service providers seeking improved services and reduce costs.

Case study

RFP| Processer selection (highlight ESG) 


To support a small UK bank in selection of a third party processor for their debit product. 


PSE co-ordinated the entire RFP process working closely with the client.  This began with compiling the request for proposal document, liaising with the various disciplines (product, IT, finance etc) within the bank.  A list of potential processors was identified and invited to respond.  PSE evaluated the responses, both quantitative and qualitative, and modelled the total potential cost of each supplier over five years.  A shortlist was agreed and PSE chaired the shortlisted suppliers’ presentations, together with co-ordinating a rigorous Q&A process. 


The bank contracted with the processor which offered the best technical fit and value.  PSE continued to support the client during the implementation phase.


What our clients say

SME in all payment related space with in depth knowledge
PSE Consulting are experts who really understand payments. They get under the skin of issues and provide consultancy that is more relevant and specific to the brief that many other consultants
Global Acquirer
PSE have strong payments experience both regarding product and the market, that is practical as well as good client mgmt skills. It's not a common combination.
Professionalism during the project delivery and in-depth understanding of the selected topics, alongside with a flexible approach on topics e.g. change of language, timeline or scope of the project
Really took time to listen and understand our business to provide tailored and relevant consulting, it felt very bespoke not reliant on generic approach
Global Acquirer

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