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PSE Consulting has packaged its experience in the payments market into a series of structured training sessions designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of needs. All our training courses can be tailored to the requirements of specific audiences  from new joiners, senior executives, and subject matter experts. The format can range from one hour overviews through to full day deep dive sessions. They are delivered by our consultants to ensure that our clients get to hear from people with direct experience of working on these issues day to day.

Payments 101

This provides an introduction to the payments market across all payment types: cards, cash, credit transfers, direct debits and alternative payments. The course reviews the key aspects of transaction processing end to end, commercial flows, and areas of risk/fraud. This is suited to those who have just joined a payments business, or those organisation looking to participate in the payments market for the first time.


The payments market continues to be driven by innovation  from new consumer devices such as mobiles and wearables through to new processing standards such as tokenisation and HCE, and new business models. This course identifies the key trends and examples of innovation across the payments market in Europe and the US, and draws out lessons learned for players looking to develop similar solutions.


Acquiring is a complex business and this course is designed to provide a detailed view of the key elements of the merchant offer. It covers:  sales, use of sales partners and ISOs, marketing, risk management, pricing, terminal distribution and installation, scheme compliance, customer support, operations and IT. The training includes an assessment of  the options to develop in-house capabilities versus out-sourcing. This course is best suited to those looking to enter the acquiring market for the first time either as a individual or as an organisation.


This course is designed to provide an in-depth end to end review of the process signing up for and using a card. The training provides an overview of the technical, commercial and operational skills and processes required to run an issuing operation. The training is designed to be appropriate across credit (consumer and corporate), debit and the current account, as well as prepaid products. This training course suits those considering how to participate in the issuing market.

Card Processing

Managing the underlying account within both issuing and acquiring processing is an evolving business with a range of challenges from compliance to margin compression. This course is designed to provide an overview of the capabilities required to deliver processing services, choices for customers in selecting a card processor, options for managed services, and developments in the processing landscape. Those considering offering processing services, or contracting with a processor should attend this course to get a wider understanding of the market.

Scheme Licensing

There have been significant changes in recent years to the process of becoming a member of international card schemes (Visa/MasterCard) and domestic credit transfer schemes (e.g. FPS) as a result of the introduction of eMoney and PI licensing, and the Payment Services Directive (I and II). The card schemes have also changed their approach to scheme membership via new structures such as Payment Facilitators. This course is designed to run through the costs and benefits of the options open to new licence holders, and is most appropriate for those considering offering on-risk services in their own name.

Risk & Fraud

Understanding the role of risk and fraud in payments is an increasingly important aspect as pure technical transmission services commoditise. Both risk and fraud affect all aspects of the provision of payment services from sales and pricing through to compliance, operations and IT. This course reviews the key drivers of risk and fraud and their differential impact on each stage in the payments value chain, and should be considered by anyone operating in the payments business, particularly those looking to offer their own on-risk services.

Merchant Verticals

This course draws on experience PSE has gathered in delivered assignments in a wide range of merchant vertical from airlines, hotels and car hire through to digital goods and traditional retail. The analysis covers the varying need for specific merchant vertical in a range of areas such as: transaction types (zero value auths, refunds, original credits etc.) Point Of Interaction types (integrated/standalone POS, hosted payment pages, mobile/Wi-Fi terminals) and Value Added Services (DCC, mobile top-up, bills payment etc.). This course should be attended by those looking to develop sales offers or products targeted at specific verticals.

Alternative Payments

The European payments market is particularly complex, with products from iDeal in The Netherlands to GiroPay in Germany, and multi-country solutions such as Mybank, Sofort and Trustly. Each of these products has their own transaction characteristics, distribution models, and pricing. The course outlines the differing models adopted in each geographic market and the specific features of each product, and is designed for gateways, merchants or acquirers looking to offer more than just cards and PayPal at the Point of Interaction. This course provides a firm grounding in these new products for those looking to offer alternative payments.


The European payments gateway market is one of the most dynamic in the globe, with new players rapidly emerging and being merged/acquired by larger entities. This course outlines the differing business models, customer proposition, technical platforms adopted by these players and is designed for acquirers or merchants who are looking to offer these services or contract with current suppliers.


The European Commission and domestic regulators have been highly interventionist in the payments market with initiatives such as the Interchange Fee Regulation, eMoney Directive, the Payment Services Directives and the Anti-Money Laundering Directives. This constantly evolving landscape needs to be understood in detail in order to appreciate the business and legal impacts on current and planned payment propositions. This session is tailored to those who need to keep abreast of the latest developments in European regulation from both a business and a compliance perspective.

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