Merchant Acquiring Conference December 2023

05th December 2023, Glaziers Hall, London

What we covered:

SaaS and Payments: Exploring the new distribution models emerging in the payments sector and their specific requirements within the Payment Service Provider (PSP) domain.
Orchestration: Practical applications of orchestration solutions, moving beyond the marketing hype, through a range of real-world case studies.
Open Banking: How Open Banking is taking centre stage in the payments realm, effectively addressing various real-world challenges faced by merchants.
Tokenisation: The growing significance of network tokens in payments and explore options for merchants to assert greater control over their usage.


John Noltensmeyer - MIDs and TRIDs – Navigating the Complexities of a Multi-Processor Strategy

Moshe Weingasrten - Next-Gen PSP's 2.0

Ali Minaei - Taking on the cloud and the next evolution in payments

Nadja Bennett - Growing convergence in open banking

Brian Hanrahan - The Emergence Of Hybrid Direct Debit And Open Banking Products

Jan Van Vonno - EU's PSD3-PSR How will it impact open banking?

Nick Dunse - Embedded Orchestration for SaaS


Luke Purser - Issuer Direct Connect -Challenges And Opportunities

Panel Session - What’s going to generate the most paranoid uncertainty for payments in 2024?

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What our clients say

SME in all payment related space with in depth knowledge
PSE Consulting are experts who really understand payments. They get under the skin of issues and provide consultancy that is more relevant and specific to the brief that many other consultants
Global Acquirer
PSE have strong payments experience both regarding product and the market, that is practical as well as good client mgmt skills. It's not a common combination.
Professionalism during the project delivery and in-depth understanding of the selected topics, alongside with a flexible approach on topics e.g. change of language, timeline or scope of the project
Really took time to listen and understand our business to provide tailored and relevant consulting, it felt very bespoke not reliant on generic approach
Global Acquirer

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