PSE Merchant Acquiring Conference - 6th Dec 2022

06th December 2022, Glazier's Hall, London Bridge

After three years away, our Merchant Acquiring Conference was held on 6th December 2022 at Glazier's Hall in central London.   We covered two major topics at the event:
  1. Marketplaces: We are going to explore how to take, hold and disburse funds. How to manage the European compliance landscape, and some of the complexities which come along with merchants' building their own marketplace solutions
  2. BNPL: While the shine may have come off BNPL from an investor perspective, we still regard BNPL as one of the most significant shifts in the payments market in recent years. We'll explore how BNPL platform providers are emerging, and how traditional pay later services are responding to the arrival of instant onboarding offers.
  The conference was, as ever, content rich, rather than focussing on lights and smoke machines. It was designed to provide new insights for seasoned payments professionals. The speakers do not pay for their slots, and PSE remains strictly independent.   Please find below materials presented by our speakers with some amendments to allow for wider distribution.  


Luke Trayfoot - Mangopay - How to deliver innovation across the full stack marketplace offer in Europe

Luke will be discussing how to deliver an innovative full stack offering to the merchant marketplace community

Anthony Rosen - Bird and Bird - The impact of the DMA and DSA on marketplace payments

Anthony provides insights on the current and future regulatory challenges faced when running marketplaces in Europe

Daniel Yubi - Payable - Centralising paymentops for marketplaces

Daniel discusses how to optimise marketplace payment operations 

Emre Talay - Payrails - Managing complex funds flows within marketplaces

Emre talks about managing complex funds flows within marketplaces


Mark Bond - NomuPay - Fixing payment fragmentation at scale

Mark highlights the challenges in building a new enterprise disbursement network for marketplaces


Beth Garland - Currencycloud - How to gain control, flexibility and revenue by managing FX

Beth discusses how to gain control, flexibility and revenue by managing FX

Daniel Cronin - Integrated Finance - Embedded banking - multiplying value, not integrations

Daniel highlights how to multiply value not integrations when using embedded banking

Kimberly Tibbetts - Endava - Considerations when becoming a PayFac or marketplace

Kimberly outlines some of the lessons learned from the US market on marketplaces and Payfacs

Efraim Preisler - ChargeAfter - The benefits for acquirers of a platform-led approach to BNPL

Efraim discusses the emergence of BNPL platforms

Simon Forster - Experian - Low friction, compliant BNPL onboarding options

Simon outlines Experian’s views on low friction and compliant BNPL onboarding options 

Luke Purser - PSE - Transaction Optimisation

Luke discusses PSE’s views on  transaction optimisation

Tom Hay - PSE - Localisation and FX Optimisation

Tom provides some insights into localisation and FX optimisation

Gonçalo Caraslindas - PSE - BNPL Mystery Shop

Gonçalo discusses the mystery shop that PSE has recently carried out across Europe

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